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SCI(E) Int'l Journals

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[18] Gu-Min Jeong, Nguyen Trong Nghia, Sang-Il Choi(Corresp. Author)"Pseudo Optimization of E-nose Data Using Region Selection with Feature Feedback Based on Regularized Linear Discriminant Analysis,Sensors(1424-8220 1.953), 15(1), pp. 656-671, 2014.


[19] Byungho Heo, Hawook Jeong, Jiyun Kim, Sang-Il Choi(Corresp. Author), Jin Young Choi, "Weighted Pooling Based on Visual Saliency for Image Classification,International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC, 978-3-319-14248-7), Las Vegas (USA), LNCS vol. 8887, pp. 647-657, 2014.




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[22] Hyunjin Kim, Kang-Il Choi, Sang-Il Choi(Corresp. Author), "A Memory-Efficient Deterministic Finite Automation-based String Matching Scheme Using Pattern Uniqueness for Deep Packet Inspection," Plos One (1932-6203 3.534), vol. 10, no. 5, pp. 1-24 2015.

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[26] Gu-Min Jeong, Chang-Woo Park, Sang-Il Choi(Corresp. Author), Kyoungwoo Lee, Nikil Dutt, "Robust Face Recognition Against Soft-Errors Using a Cross-Layer Approach," Int' Journal of Computers Communications & Control, ( 1841-9844   ),  , (), pp.  , 2016.


      [On Going]
      • Sang-Il Choi, Yonggeol Lee, Minsik Lee, Under review for IEEE Trans. Image Processing
      • Nguyen Trong Nghia, Sang-Il Choi, and Gu-Min Jeong, "Development of Simulation Tool for Vapor Classification System Using Feature Feedback and Data Selection", Under review for publication in Sensors

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